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Welcome to Brukarros Meat Processors

Impressive scenery makes this part of Namibia a valuable and famous destination for tourists worldwide.  The vegetation types vary from savanna woodlands in the south east to dwarf shrub savannas in die south and south western parts of the region.


The remote southern region of Namibia is well known for its vast open planes, sculptured rockeries and extreme temperatures.  All inhabitants are well adapted to the harsh climatic conditions and regular droughts.  The advantage of the latter being the fact that livestock are less prone to diseases and parasites associated with a mild climate and increased rainfall.

plant_front The modern slaughter facilities are fully equipped to slaughter a daily average of 1500 sheep in a nine hour working day. Predominantly Dorper sheep are slaughtered which were intentionally bred for the specific environment and possess excellent meat characteristics. More info
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A well equipped deboning and packaging plant ensures remarkable product quality and production efficiency. All carcasses are fully deboned by a well trained and skilled deboning team. More info
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